Where Floyd Stands


The crisis at our southern border is real, with record numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the border on a daily basis, and a backlog of asylum cases with no end. We’ve failed to secure our border and enforce immigration laws.

Big Tree PAC believes it’s time for real leadership to take a stand and deliver increased border security and that Floyd McLendon is the man for the job.

American Energy

Big Tree PAC believes that Texas’ energy industry is a key part of the future of the United States. Democrats continue to play politics that harm our economy, Big Tree PAC believes that Floyd McLendon  will provide a competent, market-focused approach to energy, that unlike the Democrats’ Green New Deal, won’t bankrupt the country, kill millions of jobs in the transportation industry, and cost trillions more than our entire national budget

Military Veterans

Our veterans deserve the best, but are receiving substandard healthcare. More than most, Floyd McLendon is in a key position to rectify this gross oversight by Congress not to provide the best care to our veterans. Big Tree PAC knows he’ll work to make sure that veterans receive the comprehensive healthcare they deserve and that starts with addressing poor management within the Veteran Affair’s Healthcare System.

2nd Amendment

Big Tree PAC believes strongly in the importance of firearm ownership. As a former Navy SEAL, Floyd McLendon understands firsthand that good guys with guns keep bad guys with guns in check. He’ll stand firm on this foundational freedom.

Religious Liberty

Big Tree PAC knows that Floyd McLendon understands that religious liberty is vital to our county. He’ll fight to protect our freedom of religion and the right of Americans to practice their faith without persecution.


Floyd McLendon will fight to give a voice to the voiceless and protect the unborn. Big Tree PAC knows that the unborn will have no better advocate in the fight against Liberal Democrats policies that have pushed the boundaries of Roe v Wade to the extreme.