Floyd McLendon, Navy SEAL, Author, Speaker, Proven Leader

Floyd McLendon has spent over 25 years serving our nation in the United States Navy. He began his career in the United States Navy as part of the Navy Reserve before fully committing as an Active Duty Serviceman. After six years of service, Floyd undertook the difficult, arduous process to become a U.S. Navy Seal.

Astonishingly Floyd did this without knowing how to swim. He encountered hardships – including injuries – to overcome obstacles, but he persevered and ultimately became a Navy Seal. During his service he deployed five times, including two combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a true American Hero.

Floyd believes in the accountability he learned and was held to as a Seal. He also knows that career politicians have not been held accountable to their own oaths to serve our country. As he says, our electoral system has allowed career politicians to say one thing at home and another in Washington, while their constituents suffer from ever-growing taxes and less jobs. Floyd sees a desperate need for new, service leadership in Congress that puts Americans first and is not afraid to stand up for what they believe.

Floyd believes we need less government in the way of Americans so they have the opportunity to grow and prosper. He believes in the American dream, and that politicians need to be held accountable.

Floyd has dedicated his life in service to our great country, defending us from enemies foreign and domestic. He will bring this accountability and leadership to District 32 as their next Texas Congressman.

Floyd is a steadfast Christian, a devoted husband to Melinda, and father to their four children Trenton, Tanner, Ty, and Keylen.